Community Success Report

Greater Fayetteville Futures II
Final Success Listings as of April 2011

V01IN01: (Implement/expand the All-American Center for Workforce Innovation):  Development and launch of Pipelinenc.comPipeline NC is an online resource for employers and job seekers.

VO 1: (Create a model education system that supports and networks workforce readiness and sustainable  innovations):  Alignment of Nursing program curriculums between Fayetteville Technical Community College and Fayetteville State University

V01IN03: (Initiate the entrepreneurial philosophy and approach that covers all subject matter arenas at all levels of the educational enterprise): Expansion of curriculum at Fayetteville State University and establishment of an Entrepreneurship Chair position.                                      

V01IN04, (Increase the quality of licensed early care and education centers/homes in CC):  Combined efforts from PFC, FSU, and FTCC team members successfully lobbied for legislation changes targeted at improving “star ratings” for Greater Fayetteville Early Childcare and Education. They have involved numerous community volunteers in these efforts and expect to reach their goal of 3.25 stars out of 5 for the community well before the 2020 vision.  This was the first group to apply for federal grants via the GFF II CA$H team

VO 2, (Effectively implement the community's economic development strategy):  Standard City and County economic development incentive packages approved.                                               

V02IN01, (Smart Growth -Development of sites, buildings and other assets / Recruit Investors): Collaboration as part of the Uniform Development Ordinance (UDO).  UDO was adopted by Fayetteville City Council on December 13th, 2010.  Cross over initiative from V08IN01 - Promote green infrastructure and growth

V02IN02B, (Bragg Blvd Region Redevelopment):  In October 2009 the $20 million Vellagio apartment complex was announced.  It will be located on Bragg Blvd and feature a 239-unit apartment complex.

V02IN03, (Develop four star hotel w/ meeting space):            Announcement made in September 2010 that an Embassy Suites and Conference Center is being built by Five Points Hospitality of Fayetteville on Lake Valley Drive where Yadkin Road connects with Cross Creek Mall.  This development is locally owned and operated which is an indicator that Fayetteville and Cumberland County are continuing to build capacity of qualified investors in our area.   

V03IN03, (Establish Joint Project teams to target specific crime type areas): This team combined the efforts of leaders from the Fayetteville Police Dept, Cumberland County Sheriffs, Spring Lake Police Dept, Fayetteville Fire Dept, Greater Fayetteville United, and Local Universities to initiate the establishment of The Healing Place for Cumberland County. The Healing Place will provide a ‘social’ solution to vagrancy, drug addiction, and homelessness is expected to positively impact the look of the community while providing an outlet for Police, Fire, and EMS professionals.   A plan was established but no funding identified.

V04IN01, (Expand/Upgrade Water, WW, Solid Waste):  Consultant report recommended 10 water districts.  1st district was approved.  Greys Creek Bond referendum approved for $21 Million.  PWC was slected for vendor for this water district. 

V04IN03, (Expand/Upgrade Transit System – FAST ) The FAST team introduced Bus fare and route structure changes to the City Council.

V05IN01, (Promote, Attract, and Increase Business Center Occupancy by Defense-related Industry) The North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) hosted a Lenders Roundtable for Defense Contracting on May 14 at the FTCC Horticulture Educational Center.  The Lenders Roundtable is one component of a comprehensive effort by community leaders to develop a unique “tool box” of resources to meet the needs of defense contractors. The Lenders Roundtable oriented lenders to the unique needs of defense contractors; provided a forum to identify, discuss, and document existing lending programs – from both commercial and non-traditional lenders; identified gaps between existing lending programs and the needs of defense contractors; and initiated discussion of potential lending instruments to address identified gaps.  Over 30+ lenders were in attendance

V05IN01, (Promote, Attract, and Increase Business Center Occupancy by Defense-related Industry)  Booz Allen Hamilton announced NC office in Fayetteville with 300+ jobs in February 2010.  Booz Allen Hamilton is a strategy and technology-consulting firm based in Tysons Corner, Virginia with 80 other offices throughout the nation.  Booz Allen’s core business is contractual work completed on behalf of the US federal government

V05IN01, (Promote, Attract, and Increase Business Center Occupancy by Defense-related Industry)  Announcement  made in October 2010 that the Partnership for Defense Innovation’s Research & Development Lab Becomes First Tenant In Military Business Park. The PDI R&D lab is a 10,000 sq. ft. facility is a significant expansion of PDI’s existing Wireless Lab and provides electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, environmental testing, RF emissions pre-compliance testing, engineering design, integration, and consulting services to local, state, regional government and commercial clients.

V06IN01B, (Upgrade Community Internet Broadband Connectivity v2.0):    Survey completed in March 2010 for market demand for fiber initiative to the home.  Positive response with 64% of residential and 72% business interest.  Funding models/sources to be discussed with city council 4QTR FY10

V06IN03A, (Collect detailed data needed to better estimate air travel demands associated with the military-related growth in the Fort Bragg area):  study completed and data confirmed that Washington DC is #1 market for business travelers. Fayetteville Regional Airport announced in September 2010 that passenger traffic numbers are up by double digits in percentage for the fourth straight calendar year. Numbers show an increase of 13.6 percent and are based on figures through the end of September.  As of June 15, 2010, American Eagle Airlines began offering two round trip flights to Dallas Texas.      

VO 7, (Improve healthcare by meeting needs for quality, access, and cost): Cape Fear Valley Health System Leaders have teamed with Womack Army medical Center to coordinate and collaborate around acute care capacities driven by BRAC-related population growth. They have committed to openly sharing with the community their progress towards growing specific acute care services and plans for targeting underserved geographic regions – a rare and commendable practice. Through GFF II, they have established an interface for the community to support and growth confidence along with its healthcare system providers to reach the 2020 Vision.

V07IN01, (Develop capacity for acute care services): Awarded $38 million in USDA funding to support Medical Office Building – Health Pavilion Hoke with construction to begin in 201.  It is located on Johnson Mill Road and Highway 401 across from the Paraclete XP Sky Venture. This facility will bring much-needed outpatient services to Hoke and Southwest Cumberland County, including:

  • Cape Fear Valley Health System - Hoke Community Medical Center (inpatient services). Will include a Full Service Acute Care Hospital including 41 Acute Care Inpatient Beds, 25 acute medical surgical bed, 16 obstetric post partum beds, 16-Bed Emergency Department, 9 Observation beds, 4 birthing suites, 2 Operating Rooms, and 1 C-Section Room.  This facility will support the residents of Hoke and Southwest Cumberland County. 
  • Cape Fear Valley Health System expanded Acute Care Services (outpatient services) including: a new family practice to supplement (not replace) our Hoke Family Practice located in Raeford and provide additional access to Southwest Cumberland County; Imaging services to include digital x-ray, digital mammography and ultrasound; Urgent Care for minor injuries and illnesses that don’t require emergency department treatment; Offices for medical specialties so that residents of Hoke/Cumberland County won’t have to leave their community for consultation with a specialist; and a Pharmacy for the convenience of the patients seen in Health Pavilion Hoke

V07IN03, (Continue to support a balanced and proactive recruitment program focusing on specialties for which there are significant community and/or institutional needs):

  • Proactive Physician Recruitment program established at Cape Fear Valley Health System.  As of Fiscal Year 2010 - more than 500 Physicians on Medical Staff and recruited 41 physicians including Neurology and Neurosurgeons, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Endocrinology, Electrophysiology, General Surgery, and Primary Care
  • Proactive Nurse and Allied Health Recruitment program established at Cape Fear Valley Health System.  As of Fiscal Year 2010 we recruited 375 Nurses and 192 Allied Health

V07IN02,(Integrate/expand outpatient behavioral-health services to meet community needs).  SRAHEC coordinated a legislative forum in May 2010 targeting key legislators to inform them about unmet needs in the community and the impact costs of these unmet needs on the communityRecommended that Cape Fear Valley health System assume responsibility and management of the Roxie Clinic.  As of January 2011, Roxie Clinic will be managed and licensed by Cape Fear Valley Health System

V07IN02, (Integrate/expand outpatient behavioral-health services to meet community needs): Increase the number of psychiatrists, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners working in behavioral health.  A grant proposal has been developed with Duke University to establish a year -long continuing education program for midlevel providers in behavioral health. This proposal was submitted to two foundations for funding consideration. Funding has been obtained for Cumberland County Community Care Network to hire a psychiatrist to provide training and support for primary care practitioners in medication and behavioral health management based on the ICARE models.

V08IN01, (Promote green infrastructure and growth): This group -comprised of Sustainable Sandhills, FAMPO, the City of Fayetteville and independent community volunteers- has developed a collaboration that allows them to report to and work with the community towards incorporating green growth principles into land planning, reducing carbon emission to improve air quality, protecting natural areas / high value natural heritage ecosystems / working lands / food supplies, and improving county-wide parks/trails.

V08IN01, (Promote green infrastructure and growth):  Collaboration as part of the Uniform Development Ordinance (UDO).  UDO was adopted by Fayetteville City Council on December 13th, 2010.  Cross over initiative from V02IN01: Smart Growth -Development of sites, buildings and other assets / Recruit Investors.                 

V08IN01, (Promote green infrastructure and growth):  FAMPO Bike/Pedestrian Connectivity Study.  It includes the study plus a preliminary design of a section of the Little Cross Creek greenway trail.   

V08IN02, (Institutionalize sustainable practices in the business sector and local governments):   Team members from Sustainable Sandhills, Cumberland County Schools, and FSU are well on their way to certifying 2000 local government workers, 5000 K-12 school staff members, 5000 higher education/healthcare workers, and 250 commercial/industrial businesses. Their efforts give Greater Fayetteville a positive image for green/sustainable living.

V09IN01, (Ensure all PR people in Cumberland County are communicating to internal and external audiences): Led by the Fayetteville Convention and Visitors Bureau, this team has created the first-ever Fayetteville Area Public Relations Association in order to combine efforts of PR/marketing professionals to facilitate positive community news.  The mission of the Fayetteville Area PRA is to align PR specialists for a positive increase of internal and external perception of our community. The group already has over 45 community members ramping up to spread the successes of the community through an online newsroom extension of   

VO 10, (Sustain and Grow cultural and recreational opportunities): 

  • Creative Vitality Index measurement for baseline scheduled for completion 12/31/10. Contract calls for ongoing measurements bi-annually for four years. 
  • Cultural Survey designed and goes live online in January 2011. 
  • Collaborative Marketing initiatives were developed including Cultural events on digital billboard, and partnerships for marketing between agencies such as Cape Fear Regional Theatre and Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra.
  • Audience Development Opportunity collaborations were created.  Relationship between Fine Arts and Sports community developed including collaboration on "We Are the Ship" a visual art exhibition depicting images from the National Negro Baseball League.

Other Successes: 

Green School Initiative.  $2-3 M in solar development and subsidies to allow for heavyily discounted 500 kilowatt solar power system for schools in new market tax credit zones.  First project – New Century School

CC Schools eRate Initiative.  Addded more priority 1 & 2 projects to new application.  Growth to $3-5 M in funding from $1.2M

Sustainable Sandhills Stimulus Grant Award.  Placed 6 recently graduated NC University students at the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County School System, Sustainable Sandhills, and Fayetteville State University to promote energy efficiency and conservation.  Total award for those 6 (of 9 total) is approximately $100K. 


Greater Fayetteville Futures